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Let’s get it started! April 24, 2012

Posted by Austral Systems in Application, Setup.
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To get started, the process is simple:

Select the brand and model of your GPS tracker on the home screen and fill the phone number of the GSM Chip and password that are on the tracker. If the tracker is not configured yet, enter the password that you want to be set.


Now you’re on the screen with your location and the vehicle’s one (Dashboard, first tab). Please go to the Settings tab (fourth one) to perform the initial configuration.


If you are already receiving SMS from the tracker just go to the “Begin” menu and then wait until you receive the confirmation messages on the Events screen (third tab).

If you are not receiving SMS on this phone from the tracker you must access the “Setup for the first time” menu, this way the application will automatically perform the necessary steps (allow number, begin, etc.). The confirmation messages are also shown in the Events tab.

Then, after that, go to “Mode” menu and select the Tracker mode to start receiving messages with the locations of your vehicle. In the second tab (Locations) you will have all the locations of your vehicle and in the Dashboard shows the last location received from the vehicle and the location of the cellphone.

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