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Tip of the Day April 26, 2012

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Another tip related to the Locations screen.

Clicking on one of the locations in the Locations tab will open up another screen with a detailed map position. Now let’s explain what each item in this screen means!


At the top, you can find the time that the message was received and also the speed at which the vehicle was at that time. On the left of this text you can see a yellow or grey icon that indicates if the GPS signal was weak or strong (as previous post).

Above the map, there are three buttons:
– The arrows buttons are used to navigate between the next and previous item.
– Search Location, click on it and the address that was shown in latitude and longitude coordinates will be shown in human form (street, city, etc.).


On the map you can see three icons:
– Blue arrow indicates the position of the vehicle and the direction of it.
– Green flag indicates the previous position of the vehicle.
– Checkered flag, indicates the next position of the vehicle.

Furthermore it is also possible to zoom the map to check it better.

Below the map, there is a detailed message with the address received.

Austral Team



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