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New Version (ZY International) May 31, 2012

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Hello, folks,

We just added a new manufacturer to our application, it’s ZY International from China.

In the past week we noticed that our application increased the number of downloads and we are very happy about it.

In this new version (1.4) we added these functions:
– Application is not Trial anymore, now it’s Free, but only the Full version has all the features like all you know.
– Menu “Advanced Settings”, here you can check if it’s an international call or not, this way you don’t need to add “+” before the calling number.
– Some new patterns of received locations were added. Now our app is even more compatible with clone devices.
– Trackers from ZY International are now compatible with our app.

Compatible models from ZY International:
– ZY International TK 103
– ZY International TK 103B
– ZY International TK 104
– ZY International TK 106
– ZY International TK 106B
– ZY International TK 008

You can download and install our application (Austral GPS Car Tracker TK SMS) on your Android device from this website (Google Play):
Austral GPS Car Tracker TK SMS (Rastreador)

Don’t you have a GPS Tracker so far? You can buy it easily on Ebay, MercadoLivre, MercadoLibre or DealExtreme. Just search for “GPS Tracker” and voilá. Cheap and reliable!

See you next time,
Austral Systems


Coban is now compatible May 21, 2012

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Long time, no see, but now we are back with a new post.

We have been very busy the past weeks working to make our application compatible with Coban, which is one of the most used GPS Trackers brands in the world.

So now we want to announce that our application is fully compatible with Coban devices as well it is with Xexun ones.

In this released version (1.3.5) we have also made Xexun compatible with some new locations patterns that are sent by some clone trackers, so now we can say that our application, when selected with Xexun, can recognize more than 5 different patterns of locations.

If you are receiving some messages (unknown) from the tracker that are not been recognized, feel free to send us an email (australsystems@gmail.com) that we will fix it as soon as possible.

Compatible models from Coban:
– Coban GPS 107
– Coban GPS 106-B
– Coban GPS 106-A
– Coban GPS 104
– Coban GPS 103-B
– Coban GPS 103-A
– Coban GPS 102-B
– Coban GPS 102

You can download and install our application (Austral GPS Car Tracker) on your Android device from this website (Google Play):
Austral GPS Car Tracker (Coban and Xexun)

Austral Systems

New version (1.3.2) May 8, 2012

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Hi, all,

Today we uploaded a new version of our GPS Tracker application. In this release we have new functions, such as:
– “Move Alert” option to enable and disable it;
– German, French, Italian and Spanish languages fixed;
– Dutch language added;
– Gets automatically real address by latitude/longitude when receives a new SMS;
– “Speed Alert” screen shows speed in miles/hour to help people who aren’t familiar with kilometers/hour;
– Some bug fixes (e. g. clone trackers send latitude and longitude with signed numbers (lat: 123.456 long: -0.123456), not with compass point suffix (lat: 123.456N long: 0.123456W))
– Feature to reset the counter messages (click in the line with this info and the app will ask if you want to reset);
– Feature to clear all Events and Locations sent and received by the tracker (red “X” button at top right).Image


Austral Team

Handcent SMS May 4, 2012

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Some users are reporting that they aren’t receiving SMS on our APP from the tracker and we found something that can make it happen.

If you have a SMS app installed (not the default one) it will abort sending SMS to another applications, such as our app.

“Handcent SMS”, for example, has an unusual behavior to handle incoming SMS. To work around this behavior, you can make the following configuration in Handcent SMS:
Go to Settings > Application settings > Default Messaging application > Disable

Now Hancent SMS and Austral Xexun GPS Car Tracker will work without problems.

Austral Xexun GPS Car Tracker – FREE

Kind Regards,
Austral Systems

Full Compatibility with Xexun May 2, 2012

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Hi, folks,

Since April 26th we are full compatible with all Xexun’s tracker devices.
– Xexun TK 103-2
– Xexun TK 103
– Xexun TK 102-2
– Xexun TK 102
– Xexun TK 101
– Xexun TK 201-2
– Xexun TK 201
– Xexun TK 202
– Xexun TK 203
– Xexun TK 206
– Xexun XT 008
– Xexun XT 107

If you have any problem with a Xexun device just send us an email that we will fix it.

As soon as possible we will add new manufacturers to our portfolio to expand our compatibility.

Austral GPS Car Tracker

Austral Systems

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