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New Version (ZY International) May 31, 2012

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Hello, folks,

We just added a new manufacturer to our application, it’s ZY International from China.

In the past week we noticed that our application increased the number of downloads and we are very happy about it.

In this new version (1.4) we added these functions:
– Application is not Trial anymore, now it’s Free, but only the Full version has all the features like all you know.
– Menu “Advanced Settings”, here you can check if it’s an international call or not, this way you don’t need to add “+” before the calling number.
– Some new patterns of received locations were added. Now our app is even more compatible with clone devices.
– Trackers from ZY International are now compatible with our app.

Compatible models from ZY International:
– ZY International TK 103
– ZY International TK 103B
– ZY International TK 104
– ZY International TK 106
– ZY International TK 106B
– ZY International TK 008

You can download and install our application (Austral GPS Car Tracker TK SMS) on your Android device from this website (Google Play):
Austral GPS Car Tracker TK SMS (Rastreador)

Don’t you have a GPS Tracker so far? You can buy it easily on Ebay, MercadoLivre, MercadoLibre or DealExtreme. Just search for “GPS Tracker” and voilá. Cheap and reliable!

See you next time,
Austral Systems



1. klaus lowenberger - July 8, 2012

Hi, I have a ZY International tk102-B, and even when I followed the manual to configure it, whenever I send it a check message (check+passwd) it answers GPRS: OFF. How should I configure it?

Thanks in advance,

Klaus Lowenberger.

australsystems - July 8, 2012


You must configure the APN settings in your GPS Tracker to set GPRS.

Austral Systems

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