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Fuel Control and Map View Mode June 23, 2012

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We released a new version (1.5) of our GPS Tracker app for Android with some new features, such as:
– Fuel Control (Controle de Combustível), here you can store your supplies of fuel and track how much your car is spending
– TLimit and Reset (Xexun)
– Map View Mode, now you can switch between Traffic (road names, etc) or Satellite view
– Some new patterns are now recognized by our app
– Alert message will show the name of the location where it happened
– Buy screen, where you can find where to buy a GPS Tracker (ebay, MercadoLivre, DealExtreme, etc)

To change the map view mode, you just need to press in the top right button that now exists in all the maps (Dashboard, Detailed Location and GeoFence) and then the options will be shown, so you can choose the view you better adapt.

As for the Fuel Control, you can access this screen by two ways: an option in the Settings screen or by pressing a button in the bottom left of the Dashboard screen.

After accessing the screen, you will have some fields to fill, like date, current mileage, how many liters did you fueled, how much you paid per liter and total paid, and if you fueled all your tank. After filling all the fields, press OK and then you will keep track of everything in the Events screen (3rd tab).

If you fuel for two straight times all the tank, the application will calculate your vehicle efficiency (kilometers per liter) and you can visualize it in the Events tab.

You don’t need to have a GPS Tracker installed to use this Fuel Control feature, because everything is manual. If you don’t have a tracker, you need to press the “I don’t have a GPS Tracker” in the main screen and then click to go to the application in the next screen (Buy screen).

In the next posts we will also write in other languages, like Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, etc, because a lot of our clients doesn’t speak English.

You can download our full GPS app for Android on Google Play!
Austral GPS Car Tracker TK SMS (Locallizatore)

There is also a Free version without all the functions, but with this version you can evaluate our app and then buy the Full version.
Austral GPS Car Tracker TK SMS (Free)

If you are a seller of trackers in your country (Xexun, Coban, ZY, Zclelec, ELRO or Meitrack), get in contact with us, we are looking for some partnerships and we could reach together a Win-Win situation.

Austral Systems



1. Demetris - July 6, 2012

Would be nice if there was a feature to Enable the Internal Relay on the VT400 tracker. I have my headlights connected to it and bought the app hoping it would have it.

I would rather have something like a seperate menu where new buttons can be created. So that i create the button and below type the sms message i want that button to send. This way i can add as manu buttons for “Headlight On”, Off, Engine on, Off and so on. Hopefully this can be added in the next release?

2. australsystems - July 6, 2012

Great idea, Demetris.

We will create a feature just like this in the upcoming versions.

Austral Systems

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