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GPS Tracker – Saving Battery July 20, 2012

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What’s up?

I already wrote this post in other languages such as Portuguese and German, but now let’s inform you in English.

One question that arises a lot of people who use trackers vehicles is the question about the battery consumption of the tracker, because people end up thinking that it is not lasting. Sometimes the problem is not your device tracker (ZY International, Xexun, TK103-2, TK102, Coban, Zclelec, VT310, Meitrack, etc) but the settings you left enabled on it.

Normally, according to our tests, the battery lasts about 1 day to a maximum of 3-4 days, then the question remains: why so much difference?

There are several possible configurations that make the tracker battery lasts more or less, is not constant, as is fuel consumption. As we all know the fuel consumption varies because of factors such as road / city, tire pressure, speed and even if the windows is open or not.

As for the GPS tracker (tracker), I will mention a few factors:
– GPRS or SMS? GPRS (APN) uses much more power than using the SMS mode, since it requires a constant connection to the server.
– Geofence, if connected will spend more battery because the tracker has to constantly check the position of the vehicle. The same is true for motion alerts, balance (shake) and speed.
– Auto-Tracker also drain the battery faster, as it is sending SMS from X to X times.
– Monitor, spend LESS battery, it will only send messages when the user call the tracker.
– Tlimit? This is an option exclusive Xexun. With it, the GPS tracker will only send messages if the distance between the current position and the last shipment is larger than N meters. In conclusion, this option will save battery life and cost of any SMS and / or data traffic.

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