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GPS Car Tracker – Problems reading SMS July 10, 2013

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Hi, how are you doing?

This post is about a tip, some users are complaining that our app isn’t reading the SMS from the tracker. The problem, most of the times, is that some SMS apps are blocking our app from receiving these messages.

Apps like GO SMS PRO, Handcent, LINE or WhatsApp are very good, but sometimes they are set to block sending SMS to others apps and in these cases our app isn’t allowed to receive the messages from the GPS Tracking. You can fix it by changing how these apps work.

– Handcent: Go to Settings -> Application settings -> Default Messaging application -> Disable
– GO SMS PRO: Settings -> Advanced -> Other options -> and then you will find an option that blocks the messages from being sent to another app.

And so on, so if it is the case, you can try this workaround to let both apps working properly (GPS Tracker and your favorite SMS app).

If you tried this workaround and it still isn’t working, send us an email.

Are you trying to buy our app, but you just can’t buy via Google Play (no credit card, i.e.)? We can sell our app by PayPal (international) and bank transfer (only to Brazil buyers via BB, Caixa or Itaú). Send us an email if you want to buy!

You can buy the FULL app for Android…
GPS Car Tracker TK SMS

Or evaluate the free version…
GPS Car Tracker TK SMS Free

If you have any questions or an idea, send us an e-mail and we will answer ASAP.

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