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GPS Tracker – Share Location December 16, 2013

Posted by Austral Systems in Application, New Feature.
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Hi, how are you?

Last month we released a new version (1.9.1) with some brand new features, such as:
– smslinkone command for Coban devices;
– Blog and Youtube buttons in the main screen to help users with doubts about our app;
– Share location in the map screen, so now you can receive the SMS from your tracker and then share it by email, SMS, Twitter, etc. (Facebook has a different policy, so it’s not possible to share on Facebook).

Wanna buy our FULL version?
GPS Tracker Car TK SMS

Wanna test our FREE version (with some limited features) before buying?
GPS Tracker Car TK SMS Free

See you later,
Austral Systems



1. sean - January 20, 2014

This is really not as easy to use as the last one. A manual someplace on your site would really be a good help.
I get this message from the tracker all the time” you must inform the number of the sim card into the tracker”
What’s does that mean??

Have re installed this twice to get this to function somwhat correctly as just a basic tracker.
Would hate to think that this would be as complex for one rigged into a car!!

australsystems - January 21, 2014

This message means that probably you are setting the wrong number in the main screen. You should set the Tracker’s SIM number, not your mobile’s.

2. Andy - February 16, 2014

Hi, Do you think in the future you’ll be able to share the location on facebook?

australsystems - February 17, 2014

No, because Facebook doesn’t allow it 😦

3. ivo esgaravati - April 9, 2015

Mine is a cobam – I hope so – and a have a free version of austral…and it keeps sending me sms every minute about its location and …devouring and ending with all my credit/balance in a matter of two days…iI dont know how to stop it…I.m interested in buying a full version ..and also, I want to sell gps trakers here in my home town…tks for your answer.

australsystems - April 10, 2015

I believe you should contact your seller or check the manual to know how to stop it. Probably you activated the AutoTrack feature.

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