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GPS Tracker – New model Hashtag # January 27, 2014

Posted by Austral Systems in New Manufacturer.
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Hi, how are you?

This week we released a new version (1.9.2) to you, guys!!!

This version contains new locations protocols interpreted by our app and a new brand, Hashtag #. Hashtag #? Yeah! We don’t know the name of this manufacturer, but a lot of people were asking for this new implementation, so we gave this name. The model has commands such as #begin#123456#, #check#123456#, etc.

Are you interested in buying our FULL version?
GPS Tracker Car TK SMS

Or maybe testing our FREE version before buying it?
GPS Tracker Car TK SMS Free

If you are having problems when buying our app on Google Play, send us an email, we can sell worldwide by PayPal or to Brazil via BB, Itaú or Caixa.

Austral Systems



1. Борис Мазырко - March 12, 2016

Hi guys
Just bought your app. I own “hashtag” tracker. Your app does not recognize location from SMS, just ignores incoming SMS from tracker.

Austral Systems - March 15, 2016

Please send to us a print screen with the command received by email. So we can try to make it compatible for the next version.

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