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GPS Tracker Car TK SMS – Default SMS May 31, 2015

Posted by Austral Systems in Application.

Hi, what’s up?

Aren’t you receiving your GPS Tracker messages in our app, but receives them in your mobile? Maybe it’s a settings issue! Setting the application to be the default for SMS and MMS is simple in Android Lollipop.  So just follow the below steps to fix it!

  • Open the settings on your device
  • Find the “Wireless & network” settings
  • Tap the “More” entry
  • Tap the “Default SMS app” entry and make your choice

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1. thierry - June 19, 2015

bonjour,je viens d’acheter votre application les SMS et commande fonctionnes mais pas la localisation . il me dit (erreur le message n’est pas compatible) mon tk102.2 est réglé avec le lien Google maps .


hello, I just bought your application and SMS command It Works but not the location. he said (error message is not compatible) my tk102.2 is set with the Google maps link.

thank you

australsystems - June 25, 2015

We will try to fix it in the next release.

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