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GPS Car Tracker – Disable Vibrate and Sound July 6, 2015

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Hi, what’s up?

Last weekend we released a new version (1.13.2) and it includes the following:
– Disable Vibrate and Sound feature, which disables them when you receive a new alert from the Tracker. You can configure it in the Advanced Settings screen and by default the cellphone will vibrate and sound;
– Vehicle icons improvements;
– 2 new locations patterns;
– Minor changes.

We hope you like it!

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1. paul - July 17, 2015

I cannot get gps to reply to phone any ideas why

australsystems - July 19, 2015

Please send your GPS Tracker manual by email to us, so we can check if your GPS Tracker is compatible with our app.

2. rabiuls - August 17, 2015

Hello australsystems,

Is there any discount for GPS Tracker SMS Pro? And is it possible to to install this app on my other mobiles, with 1 license? And where can I find your email address. I have searched all the pages of your blog, but did not get it. I want to let you know that, I don’t know how to pay on google’s playstore. I don’t understand their system. I have neteller account and pay you by neteller. Or, by paypal, if you have a page with button to click “Buy It Now”. Let me know please. I am not posting my email address for spam. I can give you, but tell me how. I have skype in case you need. Ok, Thank you.

Best regards,

Rabiul Hassan Khan.

australsystems - August 18, 2015

Hi, you can send an email to australsystems@gmail.com.

The licence is valid for only 1 email. If you want to, we can sell by PayPal.

Please contact us by email.

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