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GPS Car Tracker for iPhone June 12, 2016

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Hi, long time, no see!

From time to time, we receive some emails asking if we have an app for iPhone or at least intend to develop one in the near future. It would be really cool and we could get some money with this app, however we don’t have any plan for this for one reason:
– Our app wouldn’t be so good on iPhone, because iOS has a lot of permissions restrictions. Basically, we aren’t able to read your SMS automatically, so we wouldn’t have the same kind of real live data in the app itself as we have in the Android one.

But well, we want to hear you about it. Would you want an app even without this feature? All of the other ones would be able to implement, but this one is not possible at this time.

For this reason, the user would need to copy and paste the message in the app. Only after this we would be able to parse it to a human reading form.

So comment about it. We really want to hear you and if the feedback is positive, we will develop an app for iPhone as well.

For now, you can download our Pro version for Android:
GPS Tracker SMS Pro
Or our Free Version:
GPS Tracking SMS Free

Austral Systems

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