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GPS Car Tracking TK – Translations errors February 17, 2015

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Hello, what’s up?

We try, we really try, but it’s very difficult to make a good translation for your languages. And why it’s hard? Because our app has a very specific niche, so it’s not easy to translate it.

Regular translators simply don’t understand our business, that’s why we have some translation errors in the app, but we are very receptive when you try to help us. So why not help us a little bit? The best translators for our app are who really uses and understands our app and GPS Tracking concepts.

Send us an email with the translations erros that you found and we will fix them in the next release.

Languages available:

  • Deutsh
  • English
  • Espanõl
  • Français
  • Italiano
  • Nederlands
  • Polski
  • Pусский

Buy our full app:
GPS Car Tracker TK SMS
Test our free app:
GPS Car Tracker Free

Austral Systems


GPS Tracker – Now in Pусский and Polski November 29, 2012

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Hi, what’s up?

Austral GPS Tracking SMS for Android mobiles (version counts with these new features and fixes:
– App was translated to russian (pусский) and polksi: if you find a mistake, please inform us;
– Ask for Password feature: If you want, the app will ask for the GPS password everytime you access the app for security reasons;
– Custom Commands can have up to 10 commands;
– SelectSIM was fixed (Xexun);
– Some icons were fixed or changed for better ones;
– 4 new location patterns are now recognized;
– You can see the app version on App Info screen;

Our app is translated to some languages, but if you find a mistake, inform us by e-mail. We will be very happy to fix it for you.

You can buy the FULL app for Android in the below link.
Austral GPS Tracking Car TK SMS

Or you can also evaluate the free version in the below link:
Austral GPS Tracking Car TK SMS Free

If you have any questions or an idea, send us an e-mail and we will answer ASAP.

Best Regards,
Austral Systems

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