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GPS Vehicle Tracking – Missing Commands August 29, 2015

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Hello, what’s up?

Are you using our app and a command is missing? Please send us an email telling us what’s your brand, model and the command that is missing. We will try to add them to the app as soon as possible to make your life easier!

Don’t you know our app? Check our demo on Youtube and install the free version!

App Demo:

Pro Version:
GPS Tracker SMS Pro
Free Version:
GPS Tracking SMS Free

Austral Systems


GPS Tracker by SMS – Anywhere TK 108, TK 106 July 31, 2014

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On July 28th, we published a new version on Google Play, it’s the 1.10.1 version and it has a new manufacturer: PowerTrack TK105.

This version also contains:
– Brand China was renamed to Anywhere (models TK 108 and TK 106);
– New icon: a caravan;
– New location pattern (messages starting with “last: “).

How about buying the full version?
GPS Car Tracker SMS

And evaluating the free one before buying?
GPS Car Tracker Free

Google Play doesn’t let you buy our app? PayPal can be your payment method. Send us an email asking for more information about it.

Você é brasileiro? Também vendemos via transferência bancária para Banco do Brasil, Caixa Econômica e Itaú.

See you next time,
Austral Systems

GPS Vehicle Tracker – Dual Chip Problem October 27, 2013

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Hello, how are you doing?

This post is about a problem with mobiles with dual chips, one person said he was receiving the messages in our app, but the commands weren’t being recognized by the tracker. After some emails, we discovered the problem: the person had a dual chip phone and just one of the GSM chips numbers were configured as admins in the GPS Tracker, so he simply changed the chips slots on his mobile and everything worked just fine. If you are facing a similar problem, try this workaround.

[Português] Este post é sobre um problema com celulares com dois chips, uma pessoa disse que estava recebendo as mensagens em nosso aplicativo, mas os comandos não estavam sendo reconhecidos pelo rastreador. Depois de alguns e-mails trocados, nós descobrimos o problema: a pessoa tinha um celular dual chip e apenas um dos números dos chips foram configuradas como administradores do GPS Tracker, então ele simplesmente mudou os chips de slots em seu celular e tudo funcionou como deveria. Se você está enfrentando um problema semelhante, tente esta solução alternativa.

[Italiano] Questo post parla di un problema con i telefoni con due chip, una persona ha detto che stava ricevendo messaggi nella nostra applicazione, ma i comandi non venivano riconosciuti dal crawler. Dopo alcune email scambiate, abbiamo trovato il problema: la persona che ha avuto un telefono cellulare dual chip di cellulare e solo uno dei numeri di chip sono stati configurati come amministratori GPS Tracker, così ha semplicemente cambiato gli slot di chip nel telefono e tutto ha funzionato come dovrebbe. Se si verifica un problema simile, provare questa soluzione.

[Français] Ce poste est sur un problème avec les téléphones avec deux puces, une personne a dit qu’il recevait des messages à notre demande, mais les commandes ne sont pas reconnus par le robot. Après quelques mails échangés, nous avons trouvé le problème: la personne avait un téléphone à double puce cellulaire et seulement l’un des numéros de puces ont été configurés en tant qu’administrateurs GPS Tracker, alors il a simplement changé les emplacements de puces dans votre téléphone et tout a fonctionné comme devrait. Si vous rencontrez un problème similaire, essayez cette solution de contournement.

[Español] Este blog es acerca de un problema con los teléfonos con dos fichas, una persona dijo que estaba recibiendo mensajes en nuestra aplicación, pero los comandos no se está reconociendo el rastreador. Después de unos correos electrónicos intercambiados, encontramos el problema: la persona tenía un teléfono celular de doble chip y sólo uno de los números de los chips se configura como administradores GPS Tracker, así que simplemente cambió las ranuras para las fichas en su teléfono y todo funcionaba como deberían. Si usted está experimentando un problema parecido, pruebe esta solución.

[Deutsch] Dieser Beitrag ist über ein Problem mit Handys mit zwei Chips, sagte eine Person, die er erhielt Nachrichten in unserer Anwendung, aber die Befehle wurden nicht vom Crawler erfasst. Nach ein paar E-Mails ausgetauscht, fanden wir das Problem: Die Person hatte ein Handy Dual-Chip und nur eine der Zahlen von Chips wurden als Administratoren GPS Tracker konfiguriert, so dass er einfach verändert die Chip-Steckplätze in Ihrem Telefon und alles funktionierte, wie sollte. Wenn Sie erleben ein ähnliches Problem haben, versuchen Sie diese Abhilfe.

[Polski] Ten post jest o problemie z telefonów z dwóch układów, jeden człowiek powiedział, że odbieranie wiadomości w naszej aplikacji, ale polecenia nie były rozpoznawane przez robota. Po kilku e-maile wymieniane, znaleźliśmy problem: osoba miała telefonu komórkowego podwójny procesor i tylko jeden z numerów chipów były skonfigurowane jako administratorów GPS, więc on po prostu zmienił chipie gniazda w telefonie i wszystko działało jak powinno. Jeżeli występuje podobny problem, spróbuj tego obejścia.

[ελληνικά] Αυτή η θέση είναι για ένα πρόβλημα με τα τηλέφωνα με δύο μάρκες, ένα άτομο είπε ότι λάμβανε μηνύματα στην αίτησή μας, αλλά οι εντολές δεν αναγνωρίζεται από τον ανιχνευτή. Μετά από μερικά emails που ανταλλάσσονται, βρήκαμε το πρόβλημα: το πρόσωπο που είχε ένα κινητό τηλέφωνο dual chip και μόνο ένας από τους αριθμούς των chips είχαν ρυθμιστεί ως διαχειριστές GPS Tracker, έτσι άλλαξε απλώς τα τσιπ slots στο τηλέφωνό σας και όλα πήγαν όπως πρέπει. Εάν αντιμετωπίζετε ένα παρόμοιο πρόβλημα, δοκιμάστε αυτή τη λύση.

[Svensk] Detta inlägg handlar om ett problem med telefoner med två marker, sade en person han var emot meddelanden i vår ansökan, men kommandona inte erkänns av sökrobot. Efter några e-postmeddelanden utväxlas, fann vi det problemet: den person som hade en mobiltelefon med dubbla chip och endast en av antalet marker var konfigurerad som administratörer GPS Tracker, så han bara bytt chip spåren i telefonen och allt fungerade som borde. Om du upplever ett liknande problem, prova den här lösningen.

So don’t wait, buy our app for Android at
Rastreador GPS

If you are not sure about the app’s quality, download the free version and try it out!
Rastreador GPS Free

Bye bye,
Austral Systems

Vehicle Tracking – Milestone Reached April 11, 2013

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Hello, how are you doing?

One month without any posts, but now we wanna celebrate something with you, we just have reached a great milestone, more than 1 thousand sales! Yes, our GPS Tracker (paid version) has more than 1k sales and it is not only this, our free version has more than 65000 downloads, which is also great!

In addition, we are also selling licenses by PayPal in case you don’t have a valid credit card. It’s an alternative way to buy, because some people are having problems when buying our app on Google Play (their payment mode isn’t that great). If that’s your problem, send us and e-mail and we will send you a billing form to be paid on PayPal.

And last, but not least important, Google is facing some problems with licensing, so some of our clients have send us an e-mail stating that the license isn’t working. If it’s your case, you can try to tips below and if all of them don’t work, send us an e-mail that we will try to help you as soon as possible.

You can buy our FULL app for Android on Google Play:
GPS Tracker Car TK SMS

Or evaluate the free version by downloading in the link below:
GPS Tracker Car TK SMS Free

If you have any questions, an idea or a new brand/model which you want us to make compatible with our app, send us an e-mail that we will be very happy to answer and implement it for you.

Bye bye,
Austral Systems

[Austral GPS Car Tracker TK SMS] Tutorial August 21, 2012

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Hi, people.

Some of you were asking for a app’s tutorial, so here it is.

Select the brand and model of your GPS tracker on the home screen and fill the phone number of the GSM Chip and password that are configured in your the tracker. If the tracker is not configured yet, enter the password that you want to be set.

If your GSM number is, for example, +55-48-3249-2919, you can set 32492929 that our app will understand. Note that it is the GSM number that is inside your tracker, not your cellphone’s.

Then you must click in the green button to to to the application.

In case you don’t have a GPS Tracker, you can click on the “I don’t have a GPS Tracker” (below the green button) and we will recommend you some places where you can acquire it.

Now you’re on the screen with your location and the vehicle’s one (Dashboard, first tab). Please go to the Settings tab (fourth one) to perform the initial configuration.

If you are already receiving SMS from the tracker just go to the “Begin” menu and then wait until you receive the confirmation messages on the Events screen (third tab).

If you are not receiving SMS on this phone from the tracker you must access the “Setup for the first time” menu, this way the application will automatically perform the necessary steps (allow number, begin, etc.). The confirmation messages are also shown in the Events tab.

Then, after that, go to “Mode” menu and select the Tracker mode to start receiving messages with the locations of your vehicle. In the second tab (Locations) you will have all the locations of your vehicle and in the Dashboard shows the last location received from the vehicle and the location of the cellphone.

In the 1st tab (Dashboard), you can see your current location and some other things like speed and mode. You can also change the view mode by clicking in the top right button named “Mode” or keep track of all your spendings in fuel by clicking in the bottom right button.

In the 2nd tab (Locations), you can see all the locations you received from the GPS Tracker. If the icon on the left is grey it’s because your GPS Tracker is in a blind location, if it’s yellow it could find the location. You can also click in one of these locations and this location will be showed in a map with all the details.

In the below video on Youtube you can watch our app in action showing how to use the GeoFence feature.

In the 2nd and 3rd tabs (Locations and Events) you can delete all the messages by clicking in the red button (top right).

Download our FULL version here:
Austral GPS Car Tracker TK SMS (Rastreador)

If you still have any doubt, ask us by e-mail.

Austral Systems

Fuel Control and Map View Mode June 23, 2012

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We released a new version (1.5) of our GPS Tracker app for Android with some new features, such as:
– Fuel Control (Controle de Combustível), here you can store your supplies of fuel and track how much your car is spending
– TLimit and Reset (Xexun)
– Map View Mode, now you can switch between Traffic (road names, etc) or Satellite view
– Some new patterns are now recognized by our app
– Alert message will show the name of the location where it happened
– Buy screen, where you can find where to buy a GPS Tracker (ebay, MercadoLivre, DealExtreme, etc)

To change the map view mode, you just need to press in the top right button that now exists in all the maps (Dashboard, Detailed Location and GeoFence) and then the options will be shown, so you can choose the view you better adapt.

As for the Fuel Control, you can access this screen by two ways: an option in the Settings screen or by pressing a button in the bottom left of the Dashboard screen.

After accessing the screen, you will have some fields to fill, like date, current mileage, how many liters did you fueled, how much you paid per liter and total paid, and if you fueled all your tank. After filling all the fields, press OK and then you will keep track of everything in the Events screen (3rd tab).

If you fuel for two straight times all the tank, the application will calculate your vehicle efficiency (kilometers per liter) and you can visualize it in the Events tab.

You don’t need to have a GPS Tracker installed to use this Fuel Control feature, because everything is manual. If you don’t have a tracker, you need to press the “I don’t have a GPS Tracker” in the main screen and then click to go to the application in the next screen (Buy screen).

In the next posts we will also write in other languages, like Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, etc, because a lot of our clients doesn’t speak English.

You can download our full GPS app for Android on Google Play!
Austral GPS Car Tracker TK SMS (Locallizatore)

There is also a Free version without all the functions, but with this version you can evaluate our app and then buy the Full version.
Austral GPS Car Tracker TK SMS (Free)

If you are a seller of trackers in your country (Xexun, Coban, ZY, Zclelec, ELRO or Meitrack), get in contact with us, we are looking for some partnerships and we could reach together a Win-Win situation.

Austral Systems

New version (1.3.2) May 8, 2012

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Hi, all,

Today we uploaded a new version of our GPS Tracker application. In this release we have new functions, such as:
– “Move Alert” option to enable and disable it;
– German, French, Italian and Spanish languages fixed;
– Dutch language added;
– Gets automatically real address by latitude/longitude when receives a new SMS;
– “Speed Alert” screen shows speed in miles/hour to help people who aren’t familiar with kilometers/hour;
– Some bug fixes (e. g. clone trackers send latitude and longitude with signed numbers (lat: 123.456 long: -0.123456), not with compass point suffix (lat: 123.456N long: 0.123456W))
– Feature to reset the counter messages (click in the line with this info and the app will ask if you want to reset);
– Feature to clear all Events and Locations sent and received by the tracker (red “X” button at top right).Image


Austral Team

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