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GPS Car Tracker – Disable Vibrate and Sound July 6, 2015

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Hi, what’s up?

Last weekend we released a new version (1.13.2) and it includes the following:
– Disable Vibrate and Sound feature, which disables them when you receive a new alert from the Tracker. You can configure it in the Advanced Settings screen and by default the cellphone will vibrate and sound;
– Vehicle icons improvements;
– 2 new locations patterns;
– Minor changes.

We hope you like it!

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Austral Systems


GPS Tracking by SMS – Minor changes February 20, 2014

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Hello, what’s up?

The 1.9.3 version has come with some minor changes, here they are:
– Compatibility with TK107 from Coban and ZY;
– Now the address’s command response is OK;
– Better translation for German language;

Don’t you know the difference between the tracker modes?
Differences between Tracker, Monitor and Fortify

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GPS Tracker – Now in Pусский and Polski November 29, 2012

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Hi, what’s up?

Austral GPS Tracking SMS for Android mobiles (version counts with these new features and fixes:
– App was translated to russian (pусский) and polksi: if you find a mistake, please inform us;
– Ask for Password feature: If you want, the app will ask for the GPS password everytime you access the app for security reasons;
– Custom Commands can have up to 10 commands;
– SelectSIM was fixed (Xexun);
– Some icons were fixed or changed for better ones;
– 4 new location patterns are now recognized;
– You can see the app version on App Info screen;

Our app is translated to some languages, but if you find a mistake, inform us by e-mail. We will be very happy to fix it for you.

You can buy the FULL app for Android in the below link.
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Or you can also evaluate the free version in the below link:
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If you have any questions or an idea, send us an e-mail and we will answer ASAP.

Best Regards,
Austral Systems

GPS Tracker – Create Commands October 8, 2012

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The new version of our Austral GPS Tracker Car TK SMS (1.8) has the following features:
– Trigger alarm for Coban and ZY devices.
– Shock configuration for Coban and ZY devices.
– Check command for Coban and ZY International devices.
– New ZY International model: TK 102B.

Along with these minor improvements we added a new feature: Custom Commands. In this feature you can create a new command (text message) and give a name to it, then you can send, through our Settings tab (4th tab), this command that you just created.

You can buy our FULL app for Android!
Austral GPS Tracker Car TK SMS

Or evaluate the free version:
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If you have any questions or an idea, send us an e-mail.

See you soon,
Austral Systems

Vehicle Icons and Shortcuts (GPS Tracker) July 9, 2012

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We released this week a new version (1.6) of our GPS Tracker app for Android with some new features, such as:
– New location patterns, now our app recognizes more SMS messages from GPS Trackers of clone manufacturers.
– Shortcut icons, now it’s possible to add shortcut icons on your Android to our GPS Tracker app and Fuel Control feature. The 1st one will be created when you install your app for the 1st time, and the 2nd one (to Fuel Control) can be created in the Fuel Control screen (top right button).
– Vehicle Icons, in this feature on Advanced Settings menu (Setttings tab) you can change the icon of you vehicle. Previously there was only the option to use a default car, but now you can change it to a police car, truck, boat, motorcycle, a lof of car styles (camaro, dodge viper, sport, sedan) and even an UFO spaceship! Only the full version has all of these vehicles, the free version only has 3 types.

Also we would like to announce that we reached some new milestones with our apps:
– GPS Car Tracker TK SMS Free reached 5000-10000 downloads.
– GPS Car Tracker TK SMS Full reached 100-500 downloads.
– Visite Santa Catarina reached 1000-5000 downloads.


You can download our full Austral GPS Car Tracker TK SMS app for Android on Google Play!
Austral GPS Car Tracker TK SMS (Rastreador GPS)

If you have any doubt or an idea, tell us! Maybe we can add it in a new version!

If you are a seller of trackers (Xexun, Coban, ZY, Zclelec, ELRO or Meitrack) in your country, get in contact with us, we are looking for some partnerships and we could reach together a Win-Win situation.

See you next time,
Austral Systems

New Version (ZY International) May 31, 2012

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Hello, folks,

We just added a new manufacturer to our application, it’s ZY International from China.

In the past week we noticed that our application increased the number of downloads and we are very happy about it.

In this new version (1.4) we added these functions:
– Application is not Trial anymore, now it’s Free, but only the Full version has all the features like all you know.
– Menu “Advanced Settings”, here you can check if it’s an international call or not, this way you don’t need to add “+” before the calling number.
– Some new patterns of received locations were added. Now our app is even more compatible with clone devices.
– Trackers from ZY International are now compatible with our app.

Compatible models from ZY International:
– ZY International TK 103
– ZY International TK 103B
– ZY International TK 104
– ZY International TK 106
– ZY International TK 106B
– ZY International TK 008

You can download and install our application (Austral GPS Car Tracker TK SMS) on your Android device from this website (Google Play):
Austral GPS Car Tracker TK SMS (Rastreador)

Don’t you have a GPS Tracker so far? You can buy it easily on Ebay, MercadoLivre, MercadoLibre or DealExtreme. Just search for “GPS Tracker” and voilá. Cheap and reliable!

See you next time,
Austral Systems

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